Related Projects

These projects are related to Nikto, or incorporate/use the Nikto databases in some fashion.

  • Nikto::Parser - A perl module for reading and parsing Nikto's XML output.
  • Wikto - A Windows scanner from Sensepost, which uses the Nikto database.
  • MacNikto - MacNikto is a Mac OS X interface to Nikto.
  • Seccubus - Seccubus runs various tools and can compare the output. As of version 1.5, Seccubus can control Nikto and integrate output.
  • doNikto - A Python script to scan many hosts with Nikto. 
  • w3af - Able to run the main Nikto test database against targets.
  • Nikto for Windows - Nikto packaged for Win with Strawberry Perl for easy running.


These services use Nikto as part of their product/service. Note that they may be commercial in nature, and may not be free. I make no endorsements of them.

If you have or know of a project or service not listed here, please let me know.