Chris Sullo

Chris started in the "futuristic" year 2000 as a place to house the default password and port databases. In 2001, he wrote and released Nikto, which quickly became one of the most popular open source web security tools.

He also co-founded the Open Security Foundation and served as a Treasurer and board member. With OSF, Chris was at various times a moderator, developer and whipping boy for the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB).

Chris is also the co-founder of the RVAsec conference, a yearly security conference located in Richmond, VA, as well as the monthly richSEC group.

Chris has worked at various security jobs in banking, software development and consulting since the heyday of online services like AOL and Apple's eWorld--1995. He currently is the practice lead for penetration testing at Focal Point Data Risk (formerly Sunera).

Chris can be followed on Twitter @chrissullo.