Please Note
SETI-Web is no longer being actively maintained. I will try to answer questions or offer assistance if I can, but my time and interest in the project are limited and I will not be making any further enhancements (though I may fix a bug here & there). If someone is interested in taking over the project, please contact me.

What is SETI-Web?
The SETI-Web package is a set of command-line and CGI scripts which grab, store, analyze and present data for a group running machines in the SETI@home effort.

The point of the stats package is two-fold: 1) To retain a history of work units for the group and users, and 2) to graphically show changes/trends in work units, time and other data. Both of these are lacking from SETI@home's site.

What is SETI@home?
SETI@home is a distributed computing effort to help analyze data gathered by the SETI(Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Project's radio telescopes. There is much more information on SETI@home on the SETI@home website. For general information on the SETI project, visit

What do I need to run SETI-Web?
All of the software is written in PERL. Each of of the following are required (besides a web server!). Some packages below may have other dependencies--please refer to the documentation provided with them for further information:

  • PERL version 5.005 or better
  • MySQL database version 3.22.32 or better
  • The following PERL modules (which can be obtained from
    • DBI (for database connectivity)
    • DBD::mysql (for mysql specific connectivity)
    • GD (for graphics generation)
    • GD::Graph (for chart generation)
    • IO::Socket (for getting data from SETI@home)

What will it run on?
Good question. So far I've confirmed it to work on Solaris 2.7, RedHat 6/7, and NT4. It should run on anything that has current versions of Perl, MySQL and a web server.

How do I install this stuff?
Installion of PERL, MySQL, and PERL packages should contain installation instructions with the software or on their respective websites. cannot help with installation of these products.

Installation of SETI-Web should run according to the install steps that came with the package.

If you have questions or problems, send email and I'll see what I can do.

Is this software "Open Source"?
Yes. It is released under the GNU GPL license.

Who? What? When? Why?
Version 1 was written by Sullo,, 02/2001 for the sole purpose of getting some charts out of the S@H stats. All versions will be released on SETI-Web at Version two was being written by Sullo and Thomas Reucker (team FL-base), but has fallen dormant. Also, many have contributed code/ideas/bugfixes, including Zel, Matthew Walker, and others.

Can I help write code, make suggestions, etc.?
Yes. Just drop by the SETI-Web at project site and you can find instructions for helping, making suggestions, etc.