Jabra, author of Nikto's XML output format, has just released Nikto::Parser (along with several other security tool parsers). This perl module takes in a Nikto XML file (or runs Nikto directly) and creates an easily accessible interface to the data.

Here's an example reading in a saved scan file.

 my $npx = new Nikto::Parser;
my $parser = $npx->parse_file("nikto.xml");

foreach my $h ( $parser->get_all_hosts() ) {
print "ip: " . $h->ip . "\n";
foreach my $p ( $h->get_all_ports() ) {
print "port: " . $p->port . "\n";
print "banner: " . $p->banner . "\n";
foreach my $i ( $p->get_all_items ) {
print "Description:\n" . $i->description . "\n";
print "---\n";

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