New software: CMS Explorer

Ever have to pentest a CMS and need to puzzle out what plugins and themes it has? Or ever see a cool site you know is running CMS-X but wonder what modules and themes they used? It can be tedious at best, or impossible at worst, to figure it out.

CMS Explorer was written just for that--to figure out what components (plugins and themes) CMS sites are using. The initial release works really well with Wordpress and Drupal, and has fledgling support for Mambo/Joomla! (fledgling because there is no central repo of components).

Read more about it over at Sunera's Security Blog (where I work), and while you're there grab the RSS feed as we'll be blogging over there & releasing a few more tools in the coming weeks!

Sunera Security: CMS Explorer, or "What's that CMS running?"

CMS Explorer @ Google Code.